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TSS is a vendor for selected cutting tools selling through and to big customers, e.g. catalogue distributors, OEM-customers or key accounts. TSS will not act automatically as a reseller, depending on the situation is it also possible to act like a representative or authorized sales channel.

The product program is selected carefully and adjusted to the needs of the reselling partner. TSS develops with specific manufacturing partners also OEM/private label programs for big distributors (reseller/manufacturer). Details about the possible product ranges at the moment you will find below. Please do not hesitate to contact us for specific advice.

The special tool division for the distribution is a supplement, esp. for the program of all catalogue companies and presents an alternative to all the small vendors in that area.

Very short delivery times combined with complex tool concepts will help to solve difficult problem situations at the customer. Furthermore, we are able to manage all administrative jobs in relation with the processing of the special tool inquiry. This contains appreciation of chances, tool layout, construction, putting into operation etc.

The strict separation of different customer interests is obvious for us, therefore it is common practice to conclude corresponding non-disclosure and secrecy agreements.

Products an overview about Privat Label Product lines

CBN/PCD standard and / or special insert or rotating tools
Insert pocket seat special tools for all kind of inserts
Cutting tools for general machining – complete portfolio
Anti-vibration solutions for turning and milling
Solid carbide special tools
Replaceable tip-drilling with HSS and carbide
Tool systems for turning, MTM and milling machine tools

Value chain PLPP-channel